Authentic BoneBreakerz MMA and extreme polo shirts constructed from 100% cotton, high quality pique fabric with 2 buttons and short sleeves. These stylish polo shirts are cut for a trim modern fit, are lightweight and tagless.

Crossback $19.95
The cross is the sign of sacrifice and dedication. Show that you are prepared for plenty of both when you sport this MMA polo shirt. 

The devil in front of you will bleed when you unleash the demon inside you. This MMA polo tells your opponent that he can definitely expect pain and suffering when he challenges you. 

CrossWings $19.95
Extreme isn’t just a word. It’s a way of life. This extreme polo shirt displays proudly what you stand for and how you choose to live. 

Chaos $19.95
It is only by fighting through chaos that a true champion can arise. Show the world that you thrive on insanity with this MMA polo shirt and dare anyone to challenge you after what you have already been through. 

Warrior $19.95
The way of the warrior is paved with pain and suffering but the strong survive and thrive. This MMA polo shirt shows you have been through the wars and survived to fight another day. Wear it with pride. 

BB Logo $19.95
Wear the Bonebreakerz logo with pride and let everyone know who we are. This lightweight polo is perfect for those “mainstream” days and only those who live in your extreme world will know what it stands for. 

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